Annual Reports Recived

Annual Reports Recived

Lima, Ohio, Publishes Monthly Reports

The Lima, Ohio, Fire Department, Chief Walter L. Hydaker, publishes a simple but comprehensive monthly report of operations. Thus, for February one notes, among other details, the Department responded to 46 alarms, worked 21 hrs. 19 mins, at fires, and traveled 276 1/2 miles responding to and returning from calls. These monthly reports are bound between covers to comprise the annual Report of the Fire Department.

Manila Issues Fire Prevention Promotion

Those who know fire chief Cipriano Cruz, of the Manila (Philippine Islands) Fire Department, have watched with interest his adoption of progressive fire prevention and fire protetion ideas developed “stateside.” Thus, Fire Prevention Week takes on a very serious aspect in Manila each year.

For the sixth year, Chief Cruz has highlighted “Fire Prevention Week” drive with an unusual piece of printed promotion entitled “Don’t Let Fire Lick You.” In Manila, F. P. Week is celebrated in March. Every day from March 1 to 7th inclusive, saw some special activity. There was “clean-up day,” “City Government Day,” “Church Day,” “School F. P. Day” and so on.

The promotional booklet, containing messages by President Quirino, Mayor Manuel de la Fuente, Chief Cruz and the President of the Municipal Board, Andras Sta. Maria, includes articles on fire and fire prevention in different types of occupancies. The booklet concludes with general suggestions on how to put out fires. Much of the excellent material in the booklet was taken from Fire Prevention campaign material published in this country.

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