Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Charlotte, N. C. — Chief Donald S. Charles recommends the erection of four new fire stations to protect areas to be annexed to the city January 1, 1960, and the enlargement of Fire Station No. 4. Fire alarm facilities will also have to be extended to the 32 square miles of territory to be annexed.

Everett, Wash.—Chief Earl Brower reports the purchase of a 100-foot metal aerial ladder truck and other equipment. He recommends, as a major need, a drill area including tower, drafting pit, hydrants and oil burning facilities, in connection with the waterfront station.

Milwaukee, Wis. — Chief Edward E. Wischer reports a new fire station completed and occupied and another scheduled for completion and occupancy early this year. A 100-foot aerial ladder truck was put in service as Ladder 18, and a panel truck was outfitted by the department shop and placed in service as Lifesaving Squad 1.

Waterloo, Iowa—Chief Ray Tiller recommends the adoption of a modern fire prevention code and the organization of a fire prevention bureau directly under the chief of the fire department.

Knoxville, Tenn. — Chief Ray Conner reports total fire losses of $143,815, a per capita loss of $1.09, the lowest in about 20 years, while the department answered a total of 2,201 alarms, the most in several years.

Hampton, Va. — Fire Marshal F. F. Hopkins reports the adoption of a set of rales and regulations for the government and operation of the department; the inauguration of a training program for offduty paid personnel, and the completion of the most successful fire prevention program in the city, conducted by a citizen and fire department committee.

West Milwaukee, Wis. — Chief John Pavlik reports a total fire loss of $35,781.24, an increase of $33,588.15 over 1957 losses.

Salt Lake City, Utah — Chief J. K. Piercey recommends that the department’s manpower be increased by 46 more men; the addition of a crash fire fighting truck at the airport, and construction of a new drill tower.

Wichita, Kans.—Chief F. E. Wood reports that while the department answered 3,193 alarms, an increase of 343 over 1957, fire losses amounted to $520,546, a decrease of $146,163. The per capita loss was reduced from $2.66 to $2.00

Baltimore County, Md.—Chief A. P. Orban reports a total fire loss, including volunteer fire companies, of $856,765, a decrease of $499,340 from 1957.

Annual reports


Annual reports

College Park, Md.: Chief James C. Fletcher of the College Park Volunteer Fire Department reports a fire loss of $41,770. Calls totaling 237 represent an increase over last year and are attributed to the steady growth of the area.

Federal Fire Council—Federal Fire Experience for Fiscal Year 1961 has been released by the Federal Fire Council, Washington, D. C. Compiling the fire experience of the Federal Government, the 23-page booklet was drawn for the reports of fire loss experience submitted by 17 Federal agencies and departments, plus information from news services, the National Fire Protection Association and the Bureau of Employees Compensation statistics. The number of fires occurring in or on Federal property, world-wide, was 30,330, with 189 deaths and 1,594 injuries recorded. Losses totaled $188,274,903.