Annual Water Report of Wallingford, Conn.

Annual Water Report of Wallingford, Conn.

Superintendent MacKenzie of the Water Department of Wallingford, Conn., in the annual report recently presented to the council by him, showed a profit of $16,410.72 as against $16,128.83 for the previous year. Considering the high cost of material and labor, the showing must be regarded as evidence of careful and efficient management, as the plant has been kept in first class condition and a number of minor improvements have been made. The total income from all sources amounted to $30,508.67. The total expense account was $14,097.95. This included $3,000 of the water department funds diverted to the uses of the borough, but does not include the abatement for the 144 borough hydrants, that would have amounted to $2,800 and free service also to public playgrounds and public library, and the cemetery. Among the improvements are the installation of a venturi meter and chlorine gas attachment, with frost proof house for the same and the setting of 4,000 pine trees at the reservoir.

It is now an assured fact that the town of Pulaski, Tenn., will have in the not remote future, a water system fully equal to all its needs. Engineers have made a survey and estimate the cost at approximately $158,000 if one plan is adopted, and $397,000 if an alternative should be chosen.


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