Annual Water-Works Reports for 1891.

Annual Water-Works Reports for 1891.

Woonsocket, R. I. Byron I. Cook, superintendent.


Population, 22,000.

Mode of supply, pumping to tank.

Average dynamic head against which pump works, 250 feet. Number of gallons pumped per pound of coal, 187.5 gallons.


Estimated population supplied to date, 15,000.

Average daily consumption, 360,538 gallons.

Gallons per day to each consumer, 24.03.

Gallons per day to each tap, 282.

55j£ p*r cent of consumption metered.

Total number of taps in service, 1276.

Total number of meters, 1041.

Total miles of water mains, 28,631.

Hartford, Conn. Kara Clark, president.

6737 service pipes in use.

411 water meters in use.

556 fire hydrants.

Rain fall for the year, 48.47 inches.

When new reservoir is completed storage capacity will be 2.300,000,000 gallons ; sufficient to supply the city on basis of present daily consumption 400 days.

Covington, Ky. Superintendent, W. H. Glore.

34 ⅛’ miles water mains.

Meter system reduces daily consumption from 2,365,911 galons to 1,687,000 by the use of 348 meters.

Rockford, III. Cbas. W. Calkins, superintendent.

46.9a miles water mains.

307 fire hydrants.

Population, 23,500.

Dynamic head against which pump works, 128.66 feet.

Cost pumping per million gallons, $8.38.

Norfolk, Va. H. L. Smith, superintendent.

Total number service taps, 4378.

Cost of operating expenses to deliver each 1,000,000 gallons pumped, ao.41.

Water mains in feet, 188,388.

Fire hydrants, 139.

Excessive per capita consumption, 125 gallons.

Reading, Mass. First and second annual reports.

377 service pipe taps.

17 water meters.

14 61 miles water mains.

80 fire hydrants, with separate gate controlling each hydrant.

143 gates in distribution system.

Filter gallery, pumps, stand-pipe ; new works recently constructed under charge M. M. Tidd, C. E.

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