Another Fire Patrol Folds

Another Fire Patrol Folds

Fire Patrol No. 5, of the New York Fire Insurance Patrol, located in West 121st Street, Harlem, was discontinued on Nov. 1st, last.

This is the fifth salvage unit to be closed in New York and leaves only five patrol units in the Greater New York area.

The first to go was Patrol 7 on the lower east side of Manhattan; then No. 1 near the old Tombs Prison; then No. 4 on E. 90th Street and last year, No. 10 in Brooklyn.

The personnel of No. 5 will be distributed among the other remaining five patrols. The unit’s old district will be covered by No. 6 in the Bronx and No. 3 in midtown Manhattan.

Reasons for discontinuing the unit, given by the Fire Patrol Committee of the National Board of Fire Underwriters: the area (72nd Street to 180th Street, North River to East River) “no longer warrants the expense of maintaining the Patrol.” The Harlem neighborhood, which it formerly covered, has badly deteriorated; values have dropped, and with the advent of radio the area can be covered by other units, even though they may be located some distance away.

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