Official Itinerary of the Massachusetts Fire Chiefs’ Club’s Party Attending the I. A. F. E. Jubilee Convention

THE Massachusetts Fire Chief Club have arranged for a party to journey together to the fiftieth annual convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers at San Francisco on August 15 to 18 Frank E. Taft, traffic manager of the club, is in charge of arrangements. The itinerary of the trip is as follows:

Tuesday, August 1—Leave South Station, Boston, 2:10 p. m. in our own special pullman sleeper via Boston & Albany RR. to Albany; New York Central R. R. to Buffalo; Michigan Central RR. to Chicago.

Wednesday, August 2—Arrive Chicago, Ill., via Michigan Central RR. Twelfth St. and Lake Front 3:00 p. m. At Chicago we will be met by a representative of the Chicago & North Western Ry., who will give us every assistance. We will proceed by motor bus to the North western’s Station corner

Madison and Clinton streets. This terminal is equipped with every modern convenience, such as shower baths, rest rooms, lounging rooms, etc. We leave Chicago 6:30 p. m. via the Chicago & North Western Ry. on the North western Limited, travelling along the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan as far as Milwaukee, thence through picturesque Wisconsin.

Thursday, August 3—Arrive St. Paul, Minn. Union Station 7:20 a. m. Leave Union Station 11:05 a. in. via Northern Pacific Ry. enroute to Gardiner, Mont. The time between trains at St. Paul may be profitably spent seeing: the sights of this beautiful city.

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Another Frisco Trip Arranged

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Friday, August 4—Enroute via Northern Pacific Ry. to Gardiner, Mont., where we arrive at 5:30 p. m. Friday. Gardiner. Mont., is the Northern entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

August, 5, 6, 7 and 8—On the above dates we will tour beautiful Yellowstone, stopping at the hotels within its borders. The wonders of the Park are manifold and must be seen to be appreciated. Autos will here be provided for trips through this scenic wonderland of America.

Tuesday, August 8—Leaving Gardiner, Mont., 7:30 p. m. via Northern Pacific Ry. enroute to Seattle, Wash.

Wednesday, August 9—Knroute to Seattle.

Thursday, August 10—Arrive Seattle, Wash., 9:30 a. m.. via Northern Pacific Ry. The day will be spent in the city, which is the metropolis of the Northwest.

Friday, August 11—Leave Seattle 8:15 a. m., via the Northern Pacific Ry. enroute to Portland, Ore., where we will arrive at 2:55 p. m., August 11. The balance of the day will be spent in Portland. Leave Portland, Ore., 7:45 p. m. enroute to San Francisco via the Southern Pacific Lines.

Saturday, August 12—Knroute to San Francisco via Southern Pacific Lines, Mount Shasta Route.

Sunday, August 13—Arrive San Francisco, Cal., the convention city, 8:10 a. m.

Return routes—Return routes are optional, however we recommend the following route as one which will insure a delightful return trip through scenic Colorado and also include stopovers at Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs and Denver, if so desired. Southern Pacific to Ogden; Denver and Rio Grande to Denver; Union Pacific—Chicago & North Western to Chicago; New York Central—Boston & Albany to Boston. Return routes must be selected at the time tickets are purchased.


Traffic Mgr., Mass. Fire Chiefs Club.

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