Another New Sprinkler Stopper

Another New Sprinkler Stopper

Interest in sprinkler protection continues apace, with the introduction of another new sprinkler stopper.

New Sprinkler Stopper

This device, which has the approval of the New York Board of Standards and Appeals, is produced by Sprinkler Stopper Co., 170 So. Van Brunt St., Maplewood, N. J. It is simple in design and operation, consisting of a unit which fits on the end of a short pole and is easily inserted in the ring of the sprinkler to immediately shut off the flow of water.

The sprinkler stopper is essentially a wedge, with a three-layer rubber diaphragm which covers the outlet, pressure being maintained by a simple mechanical spring in the assembly. Attached as it is to the pole, it is easy to remove the device and the dangling rod serves notive that the sprinkler head is temporarily out of operation.

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