Another Way To Keep Rope Tangle-Free

Another Way To Keep Rope Tangle-Free


New York Fire Department

A number of ways have been devised to keep rope ready for quick use in an untangled manner. The intent has been to store rope so it will fall freely when dropped from a roof or window in preparation for hoisting.

The utility rope device described here is a variation of the personal rope winding apparatus featured in a New York Fire Department training bulletin. Two models of the variation have been assembled and are in use at Bronx Engine Company 92.

Materials needed to construct the device include a 31-inch U-shaped hollow tube, ¾ inch square, made of aluminum plated steel; 65 to 80 feet of ¼-inch nylon rope (maximum length determined by the location of the eyebolt); eyebolt, nut and washer assembly; and three links plus hooklink from a tire chain (or a large snap hook can be used).

Assembly and storage:

  1. Secure the rope onto the eyebolt and wind tautly around the tube’s arms in a figure 8 design, parallel to the base.
  2. Wind rope out to approximately ½ inch of the bar end. (Make sure the last turn is around the arm across from the eyebolt.)
  3. Bring rope from the last turn diagonally to the base of the tube and wind perpendicular to the first layer, moving away from the eyebolt.
  1. The last turn of the rope (with tire chain or snap hook attached) should be secured onto a section of rope running perpendicular to it.

To use the device:

  1. Apply a firm grip to eyebolt side of handle.
  2. Release hook from rope and slide off outer layer of rope (with hook) with the other hand.
  3. Simultaneously turn handle to an inverted U position to start releasing loops of rope and drop the end with the hook.
  4. The person receiving the rope fastens it to the hose line or other equipment to be hoisted and secures it with the hook.

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