ANSI grants accreditation to CFPS program

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has announced that the Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) program which they administer has received accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Personnel Certification Accreditation Committee. The vote to accredit came at the accreditation committee’s September 19, 2006 meeting.

“The ISO 17024 accreditation is an important milestone for CFPS and for the fire protection field of practice,” said Dr. Robert S. Fleming, CFPS Board Chair. “Employers in the private and public sectors can be confident that fire protection specialists holding the CFPS designation possess the necessary skills and experience to effectively implement fire protection policies and strategies.”

Accreditation by ANSI signifies that CFPS procedures meet ANSI’s essential requirements for openness, balance, consensus and due process in accordance with the ISO 17024 standard. In order to maintain accreditation, CFPS is required to consistently adhere to a rigorous set of requirements or procedures. The accreditation is both an international and U.S. accreditation.

A mark of accreditation that has been awarded by a fair, impartial, and globally recognized third party such as ANSI is widely recognized as a valid measurement of the credibility and competency of the certification body. The accreditation enhances the integrity of the certification process, and improves consumer and public confidence in the personnel who hold the credential.

Since 1998, NFPA has administered the CFPS program. More than 2,000 professionals have acquired a level of expertise and professionalism through applied work experiences, related educational opportunities, and through successful completion of the CFPS examination.

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