Ansonia Has General Alarm Fire

Ansonia Has General Alarm Fire

A 70-year-old man was suffocated in a smoke-filled top floor bedroom and 19 persons, 13 of them firemen, were injured or overcome with smoke, during a general alarm fire that recently swept six buildings on the Main Street business section of Ansonia, Conn. The loss was estimated by Chief James Brett at $200,000. The body of the roomer was found sprawled across a bed in a room adjoining his own on the top floor of the Denslow House, a boarding house, six hours after the fire broke out.

Remains of Niagara Fire Station, New London Arrow shows where station stood. Line of hose in foreground runs into fire house through debris in street.

Thirty-eight roomers of the Denslow House were forced to the street in night attire after the fire was discovered at 12:30 a.m. in the rear of the building.

More than 500 firemen from the towns of Ansonia, Derby and Seymour battled the blaze, using more than a score of hose lines. For a time the fire threatened the entire downtown business section of Ansonia.

Only the brick outer shell of two warehouses, owned by the Terry Furniture Company, at the rear of the rooming house, were left standing. Several business establishments and offices in adjoining buildings were completely wiped out, including a variety store, shoe store, beauty parlor, and clothing store.

The first alarm for the fire was received at Ansonia Fire Headquarters at 12:31 a.m. Three minutes after arriving at the fire, Chief Brett ordered a second alarm. At 1:10 a.m., a general alarm was turned in. Chief Brett also called for assistance from the Derby and Seymour companies. A stiff breeze fanned the flames.

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