W. F. P., Providence.—Yes, if put in the right shape. Such matters are always interesting to Firemen.

JOHN LONG.—A perusal of the Neely advertisement in this number of THE JOURNAL will give you the information you desire.

J. M. D.—You will please pardon us for not making use of your news item, as the same ground has been covered in a letter from your city.

ZINC CITY.—Cairns & Brother, of New York, publish a drill book, such as you inquire for, and will send it to any address post paid for fifty cents.

Bunker.—We agree with you in the opinion that Bunkers should be paid in addition to their services as Hosemen. Get together and present your views to your officials.

C. H. R.—The head of the firm which you name died some time ago, and we believe that the business has been discontinued. If we can obtain definite information on the subject we will let you know.




E. W., Xenia, O.—The verses were good, but lack of space prevented their publication.

Mokes.—Yes, we will be glad to hear from you any time when you have news to com municate. A copy of the paper has been sent you, and the terms of subscription will be found therein.

FIREMAN, St. Charles, Mo.—There are several brands of hose suitable for the purpose you name. Send for the circulars of the various makers, and you will readily form an opinion of the kind you had best purchase. The editorial in this number of THE JOURNAL ought to find in you an attentive reader.