Answets to Inquirers.

Answets to Inquirers.

[We are in constant receipt of letters of inquiry regarding Firemen’s supplies, and of orders for various articles. This is a phase of the business which we had scarcely anticipated; nevertheless, we will cheerfully undertake to comply with the requests of correspondents, without fee or reward. All we shall expect in return will be their good offices in behalf of the JOURNAL.]

Suggestion.—We have no room for a serial story. Forward stamps for return postage.

Escape.—We have never seen the fire-escape you allude to. It was patented in August of last yeai, but we have never heard of its being exhibited practically.

HOOK, MARTINSBURG, W. Va.—Regulation fire hats are worth $4.50 each. Presentation hats cost anywhere from $10 to $75.

Suction.—We suspect you of fishing for gratuitous advertising. In the language of a distinguished Wall street operator, the JOURNAL is not run as a donation party.

Pipkman.—No particular men are designated as Pipemen in the New York companies. There are several whose duty it is to handle the hose at a fire, and any one of these may take the pipe.

COUNCILMAN, Camden.—Electricians pronounce the Union Fire Alarm system absolutely non-interfering That is, when an alarm is being sent from one box, no other box can interfere with it.

Tiller.—What particular extension ladder do you refer to ? There arc so many made that we are unable to say whether the patent on the one you speak of has expired or not.

Volunteer.Chief “Dave” Scanncl, of San Francisco, formerly belonged to the New York Volunteer Department. He went to California about 1849, we understand.

Query.—The dealer you refer to manufactures nothing whatever. Fie solicits orders and then obtains the goods from whichever manufacturer will make them cheapest or trust him longest.

H. T. -Yes, P. Y. Everett, who is writing our sketches of the Old Volunteers, was formerly Foreman of Hook and Ladder Truck No. 6. He was in the old force for many years, and also in the paid Department, from which he resigned.

J. M., Detroit.—The Maltese brand of hose was formerly in use in this Department, but has been superceded by the “Eureka ” ThcNewY’ork Belting and Packing Company, of thfs city, are manufacturers of the brand known as “ Test Hose.”

M. B., Indianapolis.—“Antiseptic Cotton Hose” is hose that Has been subjected to a treatment of carbolic acid, which, it is claimed, destroys the animalculse which the cotton contains, and prolongs the life of the hose, Antiseptic means providing against putrefaction.

Coupling.—Several patents have been issued for hose couplings which go together with a snap or catch of some kind. They have never commended themselves to the Departments. The screw coupling is the only one yet found that meets all requirements. Perhaps, however, yours may be superior to all others.

Nozzle.—The “ Spray Nozzle ” alluded to has a slide on the pipe, which the pipeman can slip down when the nozzle throws a great number of small streams from the entire circumference of the pipe. This drives away the smoke, and gives the pipemm a chance to breathe. It is used in the New York Department, and is regarded as of great value.

Steamer.—Y’ou can’t prove it by us. The question of rotary vs. piston Steamers has occupied the attention of experts for years, and the dictum ot a non-expert tertainly is not going to decide it. We do know that the Silsby Steamer is a rotary and that hundreds of them are being used with great satisfaction. There are half a dozen makers of piston engines, and these also are satisfactory. “ The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

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