Apartment Fire Rescue in Modesto Caught on Camera

The apartment complex at 311 Campus Way is nothing more than a boarded up, charred shell after a fire tore through in the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day, reports www.news10.net.

It was on the second floor of this apartment complex where Delores Dobbins and her daughter, 39-year-old Tammy Dobbins, narrowly escaped. Dolores Dobbins said they are alive today, thanks to the Modesto Fire Department and two firefighters in particular who got them to safety.

When the fire broke out, 911 calls poured in to the Modesto Fire Department. One of those calls came from Tammy Dobbins, who frantically told the dispatcher that she and her mother were trapped inside her mother’s small apartment. Delores Dobbins said the smoke and flames were right outside of their door, and they could feel the heat all around them. They knew they could not escape through the front door, which was consumed by flames — so they locked themselves in the bathroom, desperately waiting for help to come through a small bathroom window.

Within seconds, Modesto firefighters arrived, and the footage was recorded on a firefighter’s body camera. In the video, flames are seen shooting out the windows and engulfing the first floor. Fire crews knew that Tammy Dobbins and her mother were trapped in the bathroom on the second floor.

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