APCO Files Project Initiation Notification to Develop a Standard for Application Integration

On March 4, 2013 the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International filed a Project Initiation Notification to develop a standard for Application Integration with Public Safety Communications Centers and Public Safety Responders.

Candidate APCO ANS 2.104.1-201x will address “smart” devices (phones, tablets, etc.) and computer based applications, both mobile and fixed, that impact operational and technical elements of public safety communications.

Topics will include:
•       Development of common approach to interfaces with public safety communications centers (PSAPs, EOCs etc.). Interfaces may be browser-based, IP direct, or via other methods such as, but not limited to, relay services.
•       Applications should be device/operating system agnostic with relation to how they interact with public safety communications.
•       Integration to both legacy and Next Generation public safety communications systems
•       Security requirements
•       The critical nature of location information in applications destined for public safety
•       Planning for evolution of voice and data networks as they relate to applications specific to public safety
“This standards development effort is critical to APCO’s commitment to playing an active role in fostering a robust environment for public safety app development,” stated APCO President Terry Hall.  Hall continued, “In order to maintain the integrity of existing operations, and ensure that apps provide consistent and valuable data, APCO believes we should focus attention on standardizing apps that interface with public safety communications.”

The public review and comment period is an important step in the standard development process.  This provides an opportunity for all interested parties to review and contribute.  Once completed, these draft standards can be downloaded for review at http://www.apco911.org/standards/call-to-action-review-a-comment.html.

Comments on these project proposals must be submitted via e-mail to standards@apcointl.org by April15, 2013.

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