APCO, IJIS Institute to Manage New Information Sharing Project

The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International and the IJIS Institute announced the award of a federal grant to support the development of a set of computer aided dispatch (CAD) functional specifications for law enforcement, fire service, and emergency medical services (EMS) applications. The grant, awarded to the IJIS Institute by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (U.S. Department of Justice), will be co-managed by APCO and the IJIS Institute.

The purpose of this project is the development of an expanded version of the Standard Functional Specifications for Law Enforcement Computer-Aided Dispatch Systems.  This document was published in 2006 by the Law Enforcement Information Technology Standards Council (LEITSC) in partnership with the IJIS Institute and with funding from BJA.

APCO and the IJIS Institute have noted that the majority of local emergency communications centers dispatch for multiple first responder services – a combination of law enforcement, fire, and EMS. Practitioners writing RFPs for CAD systems to support these centers will benefit from the revised CAD functional specifications document. As an increasing number of localities seek to consolidate their communications centers, the demand for unified CAD systems that serve law enforcement, fire, and EMS will increase.

In 2009, the Public Safety Data Interoperability Project, funded by BJA and co managed by APCO and the IJIS Institute, identified the need to expand the original Standard Functional Specifications for Law Enforcement Computer-Aided Dispatch Systems to include fire service and emergency medical service (EMS) CAD functional specifications.On February 9, 2010, the IJIS Institute announced the release of the Revision Assessment for the Incorporation of Fire and EMS Functions into the Law Enforcement CAD Functional Specifications (PDF).

The Revision Assessment identified the level of effort to incorporate fire and EMS functional requirements into the legacy document and specifically described fire and EMS CAD functionality that would need to be added along with numerous modifications to the language and format. It also serves as a supplement to the Standard Functional Specifications for Law Enforcement Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) Systems for those needing a more complete list of base CAD functionality. During the creation of the Revision Assessment, a large percentage of the new functions identified apply to law enforcement in addition to fire and EMS.

Using the Revision Assessment as a guide, the new project deliverable publication will serve as a multi-service CAD functional specification for the development and implementation of integrated CAD systems that are responsive to fire and EMS needs in addition to those of law enforcement.

“It has become imperative that the Standard Functional Specifications for Law Enforcement Computer-Aided Dispatch Systems now be expanded to include fire and EMS functionality with respect to CAD requirements,” said APCO President, Bill Carrow.

About APCO International
APCO International is the world’s largest organization of public safety communications professionals. It serves the needs of public safety communications practitioners worldwide—and the welfare of the general public as a whole—by providing complete expertise, professional development, technical assistance, advocacy and outreach. For more information, visit www.apcointl.org.

About the IJIS Institute
The IJIS Institute unites the private and public sectors to improve critical information sharing for those who protect and serve our communities. The IJIS Institute provides training, technology assistance, national scope issue management, and program management services to help government fully realize the power of information sharing. Founded in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with national headquarters on The George Washington University Virginia Science and Technology Campus in Ashburn, Virginia, the IJIS Institute has grown to more than 300 member and affiliate companies across the United States. For more information visit www.ijis.org

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