Apparatus Crash Kills Officer

Apparatus Crash Kills Officer

Capt. Austin E. Dungan, Engine Company No. 5, Hartford, Conn., Fire Department was instantly killed and two members of the same engine company were seriously injured as the result of a collision between fire apparatus and a heavy ice truck. The accident occurred at Sigourney and Collins Streets, when the department apparatus was responding to an alarm of fire. The driver may lose the sight of his right eye, while a member of the same company received cuts and bruises about the body.

According to a police investigation, the driver of the ice truck failed to allow the apparatus to pass at a stop sign. Both machines collided with a terrific impact. Capt. Dungan was pinned beneath his apparatus when the machine turned over. The ice truck struck a fire alarm box and continued onto the lawn of the Hart School of Music.

The damage to the fire alarm box temporarily put out of commission twenty alarm boxes in the district which were attached to that circuit.

A 350-gallon Ward LaFrance pumper for rural use has been placed in service by the Franklin Fire Company of Chambersburg, Pa.

While on his way to attend the graduation exercises of his son, Chief Anthony Pippel of Grand Haven. Mich., fell dead at Kalamazoo. He was head of the department for twenty years.

Eight weeks’ back salary due to the members of the Bridgeport, Conn., Fire Department was paid in full by the city officials on July 14. City comptroller John J. O’Rourke sent a letter of appreciation to the Fire Department for their patience in waiting for the money due them.

Chief Henry Lecocq, of Marshfield, Ore., in his annual report recommends that the city employ a fire inspector to make at least a yearly examination of the residential area, and a monthly inspection of the business section. He said that the reduction in insurance rates already gained would pay for the inspector’s salary.

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