Apparatus Destroyed in W. Concord, Mass.

Apparatus Destroyed in W. Concord, Mass.

Concord officials today are making plans for guarding the West Concord section of the town against fire, as a result of a disastrous blaze that destroyed a fire station with its equipment, burned five other buildings, damaged others, and for a time threatened the business center of West Concord.

Fire started in the fire station and spread so suddenly that two members of the department who were in a second-floor room, had difficulty in escaping from the building. Both tried to start the motor apparatus stored on the first floor, but were driven out by flames. A pumping engine, a ladder truck and a special truck used for fighting forest fires were destroyed. The town’s loss is placed at $35,000.

In addition, a boarding house was burned to the ground, three stores, a combination house and store, a church and a school were heavily damaged, one of the burned buildings being more than a quarter of a mile from the place where the fire originated. Total damage may reach $100,000.

Apparatus from the main fire station in Concord Center, two miles away, was assisting the Lincoln department when the blaze in the fire station was discovered by a policeman. When the alarm box outside the burning engine house was sounded, only a single blow registered before the electric wiring was burned away. Sending the warning by telephone caused further delay and gave the flames a chance to spread. Help was sent from Lexington, Hudson, Maynard and Acton, and by keeping motor apparatus on the move as flying embers started various fires, the danger of conflagration finally was averted.

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