Apparatus Innovations And Deliveries

Apparatus Innovations And Deliveries

The Oceanside, N.Y., Fire District recently received this Emergency One 110-foot Stratospear. Built on a Hendrickson chassis with an allaluminum cab, a Detroit Diesel engine and Allison automatic transmission, the unit features an Onan generator, hose bed storage and full high-sides compartmentation.

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The Columbus, Ohio, Fire Department has recently purchased a 1500-gpm attack water tower from the Sutphen Towers Corporation. The new unit has a 65-foot + aerial tower that has a capability of pumping over 1500 gpm.

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The Columbia, Tenn., Fire Department recently took delivery of this lime yellow American LaFrance Custom Century 85-foot Snorkel. The unit features an 8V-71N Detroit Diesel engine with Spicer 6253V transmission. The boom platform is equipped with a breathing air system.

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This 100-foot LTI aerial ladder platform is serving as a demonstration unit. It is mounted on a Pemfab 92 Series four-door chassis and seven-man cab. It is powered by an 8V-92TA Detroit Diesel with an Allison H-740D automatic transmission. It can supply 1500 gpm.

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Apparatus Innovations And Deliveries


Apparatus Innovations And Deliveries


The Duncan Falls-Wayne Township, Ohio, Fire Department recently acquired a Pierce pumper Built on a Ford C-8000 chassis, it is powered by a Caterpillar 3208 diesel with a 10-speed Fuller Roadranger transmission. It has a Waterous two-stage, 1000-gpm pump; a topmount operator's panel; and a booster reel in a rear compartment. Circle No. 80 on Reader Service CardThe Willington, Conn., Fire Department recently purchased a Darley Brigadier engine-tanker. Built on a GMC chassis, it has a Detroit 6V-92T diesel engine, an Allison HT-740 transmission, a Ramsey 20,000 pound hydraulic winch, a 6000-watt Onan generator, prepiped 750-gpm deck pipe and dual relief valves on both intake and discharge. Circle No. 81 on Reader Service CardThe Bath Township Fire Department, Lima, Ohio, has a new Sutphen pumper. Equipped with a Detroit 8V-71TA diesel engine and an Allison automatic transmission, the unit has a Hale 1500-gpm pump, a 2500-gallon tank, a two-section cross-lay hose bed for 1 1/2-inch hose, generator and portable pump mounted in rear compartments and telescoping halogen floodlights. Circle No. 82 on Reader Service CardOne of two American LaFrance Century 1500-gpm pumpers recently delivered to Burbank, Calif. The unit has a Cummins NTCC-350 diesel engine with a Spicer SST-1062A transmission. It features dual overhead electric rewind booster reels, a 500-gallon tank, recessed hose trays in running boards and a left-hand high side compartment. Circle No. 83 on Reader Service CardThe Danbury, Conn., Fire Department has recently taken delivery of a Grumman quint. Built on a Hendrickson 1871-S chassis with a Detroit 8V-92A diesel engine and an Allison HT-740 transmission, the unit features a Waterous 1250-gpm, single-stage pump equipped with a Fire Research flow meter, a 250-gallon tank and a 100-foot LTI tower. Circle No. 84 on Reader Service CardThe Driver Volunteer Fire Department, Suffolk, Va., has recently purchased this Emergency One pumper. The Protector III is built on a Ford C-8000 tilt cab chassis and features a Hale 1000-gpm, singlestage midship pump and a 750-gallon water tank. It also has a booster reel with 100 feet of booster hose and a double crosslay hose bed. Circle No. 85 on Reader Service CardThe Avondale, Pa., Fire Company has taken delivery of a Hahn custom pumper with a Hale 1500-gpm, single-stage pump. The lime-green and white truck is powered by a Detroit 8V-71T diesel and has an Allison four-speed automatic transmission. It carries 1500 feet of 4 and 300 feet of 3-inch hose and a 2 1/2-inch blitz line. Circle No. 86 on Reader Service Card