Right. The F.A.A. Technical Center Fire Department, Pomona, NJ, took delivery of a 1985 Duplex/Walter foam/water pumper featuring a 750-gallon water tank, a 100-gallon foam tank, and a Hale QSF-100 1,000-gpm pump.

Powered by a Detroit diesel 8-2T engine, it carries 1,600 feet of 3inch hose, a 100-foot, 2 1/2-inch preconnect, a 150-foot, 2 1/2-inch dead load, and three crosslays of 1 1/2-inch preconnected.

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Photo by John Denney

Left. The Marengo Fire Protection District, Marengo, IL, has purchased a new pumper/tanker manufactured by W. S. Darley & Co. of Melrose Park, IL. The pump is a Darley Champion 1,000-gpm two-stage midship. The tank is 2,500 gallons. Other features include the four crosslay hose beds, top-ladder racks, floodlights, and lights and siren.

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Photo by William Mulcahey

Left. The Dayton, OH, Fire Department recently placed in service a new Sutphen aerial tower. The unit has a Detroit 8V71TA diesel engine and Allison HT740 automatic transmission.

The aerial tower reaches 100 feet and has pre-piped air to the platform for respiratory protection.

The pump is a Hale 1,500-gpm single stage with 300-gallon booster tank. The truck carries 186 feet of ground ladders.

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The Cold Spring Harbor, NY, Fire Department is operating a new Saulsbury Cougar squad. The unit has a Mack MC cab, a 160-inch wheelbase powered by a Mack EMG-285 HD engine, and Allison HT740 D automatic transmission. It has a 300-gpm Hale pump and a 260-gallon stainless steel water tank. The body is stainless steel, featuring 60-inch high compartments. It has a 13,500-pound front axle and a 23,000-pound rear axle. A 20-gallon foam tank is mounted with a 1 1/2-inch rear-mounted foam line.

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Photo by Richard Allen

The Burnham, IL, Fire Department has placed in service an E-1/Hurricane pumper. It features a 1,250-gpm Hale two-stage pump and a 750-gallon tank. It also carries 750 feet of 5-inch hose and 600 feet of 3-inch hose. It is powered by an N671 Detroit Diesel and has an Allison MT643 automatic transmission.

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The Enfield, CT, Fire Department operates this Pierce Arrow pumper featuring a Waterous CSUYBX, single-stage 1,500-gpm pump, Detroit 8V92T diesel engine, and Allison MT740 automatic transmission. The pump has seven 2 1/2-inch discharges, two 1 3/4-inch discharges, and one 5-inch discharge.

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Photo by Keith Victor