Includes Set of Compartments for Carrying Uniforms of Volunteer Fire Departments— Up-to-Date Fire Forces of a Small City

THE volunteer fire department of the little city of Winnemucca, Nev., is up-to-date in every respect and under Chief Asbury drills weekly and endeavors to maintain the standard which under his leadership they have reached. The following letter from Chief Asbury will give some excellent hints to other small fire departments:

The enclosed photographs show the motor apparatus of the Winnemucca, Nev., volunteer fire department. The No. 1 apparatus, shown in the lower picture, which we have had since our organization in 1918, is a regular AmericanLaFrance body mounted, now, on a White two-ton chassis. The equipment consists of 110 feet of 2 1/2-inch double jacket fire hose, two play pipes, Haley shut-off nozzles, two 40-gallon chemical tanks, 200 feet 3/4-inch chemical hose, one 24-foot extension ladder, one 12-foot roof ladder, one Hart cellar pipe and the usual hand extinguishers, axes, door openers, hose clamps, crowbars, spanners, wrenches, etc.

No. 1 Car, Chemical and Hose, Which Has Been Used Since the Organization of the Department in 1918.Two Upper Pictures—No. 2 Chemical and Hose Car, Center Picture Showing Compartment Door Dropped So as to lllustrate Arrangement of Clothing

The No. 2 car, illustrated in the upper two pictures, has been in service only about two months and was designed and built under our own supervision. The equipment on. this car is practically the same as on No. 1, but the chemical tanks are smaller and it does not carry as much 2 1/2-inch hose. However, there is an addition of 200 feet 1 1/2-inch hose. The body is mounted on a Brockway chassis and has some special features not found on regular fire department equipment, in that the sides of the hose body extend up far enough to make the back of a set of compartments for carrying clothing. These compartments are 12 inches deep, 36 inches high and 15 inches wide; they extend out so that the door, when dropped, as shown in the photograph, will clear the wheel hub and make all compartments readily accessible. This feature is especially valuable to volunteer firemen who answer calls from either their work or homes.

They can then be sure that they have the proper clothing when on the job. It is necessary that this clothing be at hand on the truck, and the arrangement, therefore, keeps it in order and out of the way, besides being accessible without interfering with any of the other appliances needed. There is ample room in each compartment for two full outfits.

The population of Winnemucca is about 2,500, covering an area of about a square mile. We have gravity pressure of 125 pounds and fifty hydrants. Our city is divided into 23 fire districts and the alarm sounds these numbers. Our alarm system is a Gamewell diaphone, sounded by compressed air and run by an electric motor, automatically controlled. Alarms are sent in to the telephone central office and the operator turns in the proper alarm for the district called. Ours is a strictly volunteer department and limited to sixteen men. We are called to drill weekly and we try to keep the efficiency up to as high a standard as conditions will permit. We feel very proud of our accomplishments during the past years and will gladly impart any information we have to small communities which wish to communicate with us.

The town of Southbridge, Mass., is to install 34 new fire alarm boxes.

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