Appleton Water Works End June with Profit

Appleton Water Works End June with Profit

The Appleton, Wis., water works department, according to a report by Superintendent F. R. Morris to the common council of the city, ended the month of June with a profit of $2,690.34. This statement which was presented to the council on August 16, shows that the operating revenue was; Commercial sales, metered, $5,193.56; industrial sales, metered, $456.75; municipal sales, metered, $631.26; street flushing, $99.73; hydrant rental, $2,833.34; sales miscellaneous, $23.88. Total, $9,239.52.

The operating expenses under the various heads were: Purification and filtration, $579.92; maintenance of equipment, $12.25; oil power pumping, $772.72; maintenance of buildings, fixtures and grounds, $4.06; electric power pumping, $168; maintainance of building fixtures and grounds, 29 cents; distribution, $163.74; maintenance, $132.94; commercial, $215.82; general, $486.95; undistributed, $430.11; depreciation, $1,163.61; taxes, $1,240.05; total operating expenses, $5,370.44; net operating profit, $3,869.08; nonoperating income, $299.48; less interest on funded debts, $1,478.22; profit, $2,690.34.

The report contains a balance sheet for the month of June and property and plant account from January 1 to June 30.

The town of Winona, Kan., has awarded a contract for a water works system to cost $34,000.

A movement has been started to provide for the water system of the Grand View Beach district near Rochester, N. Y., a meeting under the auspices of the Grand View Beach Club having been held on August 7. A plan is to extend a waiter main along the lake shore west from the station of the Lake Ontario Water Company.

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