Appoint Nat’l Fire Waste Committees

Appoint Nat’l Fire Waste Committees

Announcement was made recently of the names of the men who have been appointed to serve on the various committees of the National Fire Waste Council. The committees and their chairmen are as follows: Campaign Committee—T. Alfred Fleming, National Hoard of Fire Underwriters. Contest Grading Committee—George W. Booth, National Board of Fire Underwriters. Field Service Committee—Franklin H. Wentworth, National Fire Protection Association. Membership Committee—Dana Fierce, Underwriters’ laboratories. Trade Association Committee— J. G. Reese, American Gas Association. Committee on Arson—C. L. Topping, state fire marshal of West Virginia. Committee on Canadian Co-operation—William Kennedy, secretary. Camden, N. J., chamber of commerce.

Pittsburgh Apparatus Wrecked in 20-Ft. Plunge—The ’.adder truck of engine company No. 53 of the Pittsburgh, Fa., fire department of which M. F. Shanahan is chief was badly wrecked when it plunged down a 20-foot embankment recently.

Monterey, Cal., Awards Hose Contract—Monterey, Cal., has awarded a contract to the American Rubber Manufacturing Company for 1,000 feet of 2 1/2-inch and 500 feet 1 1/2inch fire hose at 80c a foot for the larger hose and 60c for the smaller.

Pittsburgh Man Tried to Fire Hotel 12 Times—A confession made early this month to Fire Marshal Thomas 1.. Pfarr at Pittsburgh, Pa., revealed that Wm. Stevens, 50, tried to fire the William Penn Hotel while 1,000 persons were asleep in the building, on twelve different occasions. He is now suspected also of setting fire to the St. Stephens church which burned on November 5, with a loss of nearly $400,000. Stevens admitted starting the hotel tires for the excitement.

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