In Case You Missed It: April 2015 Fire Engineering Features

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Many places all over the country are taking advantage of government rebate programs and incentives to harness the energy of the sun. Doug Mitchell has a drill on the hazards firefighters should be aware of regarding these type of features.

What Would You Do?

The fire occurs in an older movie theater where occasional movie showings are offered. Check out a new training scenario from Skip Coleman.


Drills: The Fireground Playbook


How familiar are you with your fire department’s standard response procedures? These drills from Forest Reeder challenges firefighters to consider their “typical” actions and roles in a given

Construction Concerns: Vertical Rolling Fire Doors

Gregory Havel’s new Construction Concerns follows up on his previous fire doors article from March, but this time focuses on the vertical rolling type.




Missing Something

Do some firefighters wish to get injured or killed? Ray McCormack has a new “Tactical Safety” column.




Situational Awareness for  the Modern Responder

Responders from departments of all sizes need to prepare and train regularly to handle situations involving bombings, weapons of mass destruction, active shooters, and even everyday instances that escalate into unexpected dangers, writes James Kutz.



Hoseline Selection: 1¾- and 2½-Inch Hoselines

Anthony Rowett Jr. discusses the pros and cons of the two most commonly used hoselines used during operations.


Billy Goldfeder      

Sometimes We Must Take Risks

…Not every LODD is avoidable. Billy Goldfeder writes about the 2006 death of Firefighter/Foreman Kevin Apuzzio.



Drill: Roof Report

Prince George’s County (MD) Fire Department Captain Donald Fletcher Jr. offers this Traditions Training drill that requires companies to go out to structures in their first due, ladder the roof, and practice giving what their statement would be.


The “Fireground Five”

To safely and efficiently gain control of most offensive fire operations, five key elements must incorporate sufficient personnel, coordinated efforts, and aggressive actions, writes David DeStefano.


Humpday Hangout      

Focus on the Fireground: Officer Development

Mike Dugan and Bill Gustin talk to guests Bobby Halton, Daryl Liggins, Clark Lampling, and Chris Blackburn about officer development.


What Would You Do?      

What Would You Do?

This fire occurs in an apartment building immediately after a thunder storm moves through the area. Try a new training scenario from Skip Coleman.


Will the Fire Service Court-Martial Our “Billy Mitchells”?

As new information, technology, and social changes develop, the fire service will have other Billy Mitchells emerge, and they will suggest changes to accepted doctrine that will better serve the mission, writes Frank Frievalt.

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