In Case You Missed It: April 2017 Firefighting Articles

See some of the features we ran on the Fire Engineering Web site in April 2017.

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The Battalion TV: The FDIC Experience

In a new episode of “The Battalion TV,” members of the Snyder (NY) Fire Department gear up for their trip to FDIC International 2017 in Indianapolis.


Drill: When “Through-the-Lock” Fails, Part 2

This second part of Samuel Hittle’s two-part training drill focuses on attacking the hinges.


The “Fog” Part 4: Lack of Command Level Mayday Preparation

In Part 4 of his series on factors that can catch us in the “fog of the fireground,” Joseph Pronesti looks at the lack of preparation and training for command level officers for handling the Mayday.


Humpday Hangout: FDIC and Everything FDIC

FDIC International 2017 is just around the corner! Whether this is your first trip or you have gone every year for the last 15 years, it is sure to be a great experience. Join Rick Lasky, Terry McGrath, and their guests Tony Greco, Jerry Wells, and Scott Thompson as they discuss everything FDIC.


Engine Company EMS: The Pediatric Call

Michael Morse writes, “There is very little that will instill more fear into the heart of a first-due firefighter than a pediatric call.”


Ventilation-Limited Fire Simulation

Ted Nee presents a new firefighting simulation, this one dealing with a ventilation-limited fire in a dwelling.


Training Minutes: Engaging the Senses During Training

In this new Training Minutes video, Ric Jorge and company demonstrate ways to immerse students in the realities of the fireground.


Construction Concerns: Utility Meters

In his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel looks at these common but vital building features that may become the source of a problems for responding firefighters.


Making the Most of Roof Operations

Dennis Walton writes, “As a firefighter assigned to the roof, you must keep an open mind to our operations, roof construction, access to and egress from the roof, tools, and how you will perform the details of your task.”


Humpday Hangout: Toothpick Construction

Conflagrations in ‘toothpick tower’ construction have occurred again, most recently overwhelming fire departments in Raleigh and Overland Park. Jack J. Murphy joins the panel to discuss this timely topic and what firefighters can do about it.


Training Minutes: Bunk Bed Search

How do you ensure you’re not missing the presence of a bunk bed where you’re searching a room? In this Training Minutes video, Paulie Capo and company describe and demonstrate a way to make sure firefighters are looking out for bunk beds during search operations.


Protecting Our Fire Service Family

Early in our careers, sympathy was hard to come by and even harder for us to accept. However, the more experience we gained, although admirable from one point of view, has a downside for what we endure mentally, writes Sean Egan and Brian Ward.  


Video: Starting a Fire Department Chaplain Program

The Firefighters Support Foundation (FSF) has released a new training program on starting a fire department chaplain program


Construction Concerns: Breaching Walls—Frame and Drywall Board

For his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel considers your options when faced with breaching wall frames and drywall.


Training Minutes: Door Control

In this Training Minutes video, Jimm Walsh, Erich Wheaton, and company get a closer look at how hollow-core doors can prevent fire and heat spread.


Bobby and George: Communications and Company

In this video, Chief Bobby Halton reflects on some wisdom from George Washington, in this case how to deal with private communications when out in public.


Humpday Hangout: All Things FDIC

FDIC International 2017 is just days away, and this month’s hangout is devoted to all things FDIC.  Hosts Steve Pegram, Aaron Heller, and Brad French will be discussing many aspects of FDIC with Jason A. Joannides, training officer with the Columbia (SC) Fire Department Training Bureau; Eric Hankins, captain with the Yuba City (CA) Fire Department; and Nick Ledin, firefighter and paramedic with the Eau Claire (WI) Fire Department  


Mayday Monday: Below- Grade Rescue

Tony Carroll looks back on the deaths of two Colerain (OH) firefighters in the line of duty and some lessons learned from that fire. 


Situational Awareness on the Fireground

With situational awareness, we extend the size-up concept to continually reading our environment—looking for changes that could affect the firefighting operation or our safety, writes Thomas N. Warren.



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