Are You With Us Or Agin Us?

Are You With Us Or Agin Us?

Frankly, we have tried to make this issue of Fire and Water Engineering, the first of the New Year, a really valuable reference work for fire and water officials.

It is more than a Buyers’ Guide and Index issue; it is an Annual Review and Forecast number representative of the best thought of the day along fire protection and water supply lines. It reviews the principal achievements of the past year; but, still more important, it summarizes the new development plans for the coming year.

Conditions are ripe for marked improvement throughout the country in 1922. Many new enterprises are to be undertaken, new equipment and new apparatus purchased; and by chronicling them here we feel that Fire and Water Engineering, as a representative journal of this important field, is doing its part in speeding the day of renewed prosperity throughout the land.

We pause to ask each one of you who reads this issue whether you are really using Fire and Water Engineering to the fullest extent? Some of you see copies from time to time, but are not regular subscribers. Isn’t it worth 7 1/2 cents a week to you, or $4 for the 52 issues of the year, to be kept in touch with the news and latest developments in your field of work? We believe it is. Why not start the New Year right by mailing your subscription today? We want you with us!

And to manufacturers: Isn’t it worth a great deal to you, over and above the question of actual sales, to have a publication of the strength and character of Fire and Water Engineering, standing for the best development of the field and working constantly for your interests week in and week out? We believe it is. We want YOU with us!

A magazine like Fire and Water Engineering, we sincerely feel, deserves to have more readers and more advertisers than we have at present.

Are you with us or agin us? Do you want to see us prosper and serve in ever increasing measure? The answer lies with you.

The Publishers

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