ARGO Unveils New 2017 Responder Vehicles for Fire and Rescue Industry

ARGO, the world leading extreme vehicle manufacturer, today unveiled three new vehicle models for firefighters and search and rescue personnel as part of its 2017 Responder Series.

Designed for reliable off-road fire and rescue, the new 2017 ARGO Responder vehicles feature interchangeable modules allowing the unit to serve as a fire-fighting pump, off-road ambulance or crew transport for a team of up to 6 first-responders.

With go anywhere amphibious capabilities, the Frontier 8×8 Responder S, Avenger 8×8 Responder X and Avenger 8×8 Responder feature a number of unique options as standard equipment including:

  • 25″ Steel off-set rims
  • Skid plate
  • Heavy duty bearing extensions
  • Bilge pump
  • Entry step
  • 3,500 lbs WARN power winch
  • Robust brush guard
  • HD drive belt
  • 1st Responder Package:
  • Rear receiver winch kit
  • Brake/tail lights
  • Folding seat
  • Stretcher frame

Both Avenger Series Responder models also include the revolutionary new Lite-Steer (LS transmission) which makes steering smoother and easier than ever and upgraded heavy duty axles and sprockets providing the units with increased strength and durability. The Avenger Series models also feature new reversible, offset steel rims which allow the wheels to sit closer or further out from the vehicle, simplifying track installation for dealers and first responders alike.


In addition to the Lite-Steer steering feature, the Responder series models also come with a choice of standard, high torque, or high speed transmissions, depending on customer preference.

All ARGO Responder models also have the option of being outfitted with a 75 gallon water tank and 5 gallon drop-in foam cell which firefighters can use to suppress fires on the spot or prevent fires before they start. The stretcher frame meanwhile, allows departments to add on a Ferno #9 stretcher for extricating patients or performing rescues.

The Ferno #9 stretcher is also interchangeable with the standard stretchers used in ambulances, so there’s no need to transfer a patient from one stretcher to the other for transport to the hospital.

All Responder units can also be outfitted with a number of industry specific accessories, allowing fire departments and search and rescue organizations to customize their vehicles with add-ons such as Baskets (Ferno Traverse), Whelen lighting packages, warning sirens, O2 bottle holders, head immobilizers and more.

First-response features and designs for ARGO fire & rescue vehicles have been in development, and in service for nearly ten years and these new and improved models come in direct response to feedback from industry professionals around the world.

Bernhard Wagenknecht, ARGO VP Sales & Marketing commented:

“Whether it be for Hazmat calls or train derailments, wildfires or wilderness rescues, the applications for off-road, all-terrain first responder vehicles are many and varied, with ARGOs leading the way. We’re confident that with the launch of our upgraded 2017 Responder series, fire and rescue professionals will be extremely impressed with what we consider to be the ultimate all-in-one solution for off-road emergency services. With 75 per cent of the planet covered in water and a high proportion of terrain accessible to traditional trucks, there’s no shortage of places where these versatile off-road machines can thrive. No doubt it’s only a matter of time before citizens spot one in their own neighbourhood.”

Assembly line production of the new 2017 models has already begun and vehicles will be available in dealerships across North America and around the world soon.

More information and details about ARGO’s entire line-up of amphibious XTVs can be found online at

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