Arizona Firemen Hold Second Convention

Arizona Firemen Hold Second Convention

The second annual convention of the Arizona State Firemen’s Association was held at Globe, Ariz., on May 14 to 16. There was a large attendance of chiefs and firemen from all parts of the state. The officers elected for the ensuing association vear were: Walter Stiter, Globe, president; N. S. Parks, Yuma, first vice president; Charles L. Nafzinger, Phoenix, second vice president, and W. J. Nemeck, Douglas, secretary-treasurer. R. H. King, Tucson, and J. W. Reggin, of Prescott, were elected members of the executive board.

Chief Nemeck, of Douglas, besides enjoying the distinction of being re-elected to the post of secretary-treasurer, had also the satisfaction of seeing his high school team win the fire-fighting contest at the exhibition of sports. This team the chief has spent much time in grooming for the event.

It was decided to hold the 1926 convention at Prescott, Ariz. 1 he parade was an interesting feature of the convention, many departments being in the line of march. The convention closed on the evening of May 16 with a dance.

A Fire Prevention Dog

A fire prevention dog lias been discovered in a Western city. The dog, one of the common yellow variety with terrier predominating, was raised by the present owner from a small pup. He would, if possible, knock a lighted cigarette out of a perstll’s hand and “pat” it cut with his paw. Hits cf paper when ignited and dropped on the floor were extinguished in the same manner. Tile owner claims that the dog did these things instinctively ami was not trained to perform these stunts.

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