Arizona Firemen’s Convention Program

Arizona Firemen’s Convention Program

The third annual convention of the Arizona State Firemen’s Association will be held at Prescott, Ariz., on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 10, 11 and 12, next. Following is the program:

Thursday morning—9 o’clock—Registration at the Central Fire Station.

Afternoon— 1:30 o’clock—Convention called to order by the president.

Invocation by Rev. C. F. York.

Address of welcome by Hon. Morris Goldwater, Mayor City of Prescott.

Response by B. W. Norton, Chief Fire Department. Bisbee, Ariz.

Election of Credential Committee.

Roll Call and Seating of Delegates.

Reading minutes of previous meeting.

Evening—7:30 o’clock—Banquet at the Owl.

Friday morning—9:30 o’clock—Business Session.

Topic Discussion:

Flagstaff: “What the A. S. F. E. Means to Us.”

Lowell: “Distribution of Water Systems for Domestic Use and Fire Protection.”

Miami: “Perfect Harmony in and Among Fire Departments.”

Mesa: “Advantages of Proper Building and Fire Ordinances.”

Yuma: “Co-Operation of all City Departments With Fire Dept.”

Winslow: “Care of Fire Apparatus.”

Afternoon—1:30 o’clock—Smoki Parade and Snake Dance. Evening—9 o’clock—Dance at the Palais Royal and I. O. O. F. Hall.

Saturday—9 130 o’clock—Business Session.

Afternoon—1 o’clock—Election of Officers and Adjournment. Evening—8 :30 o’clock—Open House at the Fire Department Club.

Following are the officers of the Association: J. J. Murphy, past president, Warren; J. A. Roberts, past president, Tucson; Walter Suter, president, Globe; N. S. Parks, first vice-president, Yuma; Charles F. Nafzigir, second vice-president, Phoenix; W. J. Nemeck, secretary-treasurer, Douglas; L. W. Kelly, sergeant-at-arms, Flagstaff; Executive Committee, R. H. King, Tucson, and H. W. Reggin, Prescott.

Chief Sennott Speaks on Fire Prevention—At a meeting of the Boston Osteopathic Society, an exhibition of first aid and resuscitation was given by members of the Boston, Mass., department. Chief Daniel F. Sennott spoke on “Fire Prevention.”

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