Arizona Presumes Association Between Firefighting and Cancers

The Arizona State Legislature has passed House Bill 2393, which acknowledges that certain types of cancer contracted by firefighters presumably were caused by their occupation. The bill was sent to Governor Jane Hull for her signature and is expected to become law this summer.

Sponsored by Representative Barbara Leff (R-Paradise Valley), the measure establishes the presumption between firefighting and brain, bladder, rectal, and colon cancer; lymphoma; leukemia; Aden carcinoma; and mesothelioma of the respiratory tract�cancers to which firefighters are most susceptible.

The legislation also stipulates the following conditions: The firefighter must not have smoked, must have passed a physical exam that revealed no evidence of cancer before becoming employed; must have been assigned to hazardous duty for at least five years, and must have been exposed to certain carcinogens.

(Reference: �(AZ) Firefighter-cancer bill passes; ties illnesses to toxicants on the job,� David Madrid,The Arizona Republic, Apr. 20, 2001)

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