Arkansas State Firemen.

Arkansas State Firemen.

{From Our Own Correspondent.)

FORT SMITH, ARK., Aug. 5.—Fort Smith dressed itself in its prettiest last week in honor of the firemen of the State, who held there their third annual convention, and gave the delegates a hearty and appreciated welcome.

The convention was called to order at the county court house at 10 A. M., on Tuesday, Aug. 4, by President J. J. Little, when Mayor C. M. Cooke delivered a pleasant address of welcome. Gen. H. King White of Pine Bluff, responded happily and an adjournment was taken until 2 P. M.

At the opening of the afternoon session the report of the committee on credentials showed the attendance of delegates to be as follows :

Arkansas City—Chief, R. W. Smith ; first assistant chief, M. B. Sims. Arkansas City Hook and Ladder Company No. I—F. A. Hawley, William Tobias.

Bentonville—Chief, G. M. Craig; first assistant, W. R. Clark. Stevenson Hose Company—A. W. Hurley, M. S. Wayne.

Camden—Chief, C. H. Stone. Ouachita Hose Company No. 1—M. C. Booth and C. W. Seguin.

Dardanelle—The chief engineer. Dardanelle Fire Company—J. D. Hart and Charles Hunt.

Fort Smith—Chief, J. J. Little; first assistant, F. T. Reynolds. Deiser Hook and Ladder Company No. 1—J. H. Krone, Chas. Beckel. Du Val Hose Company No. 2—M. F. Williams, Tom O’Leary. Reynolds Hose Company No. 3— M. E. Futral, L. W. Vivion. J. J. Little Hose Company No. 1—Charles Breslin, Walter Paul.

Hope—Chief, O. W. Murray; first assistant, James Martindale. Hope Fire Company—O. W. Williams, R. A. Bayette.

Hot Springs—Chief, A. J. Walsh ; first assistant, John Horner. Stonewall Fire Company No. 1—John I.oughran, B. Gross.

Little Rock—Chief, K. McKay; first assistant, F. Matticc. Defiance Hook and Ladder Company—W. II. Halliburton,

A. M. Bailey. Pat Cleburne Fire Company No. 1—F. Mattice, C. F. Fowler. Pulaski Fire Company No. 2—Thomas Mitchell, Joe Murray, Torrent Fire Company No. 4—F. O. Kramer, Jr., J. A. Adams. Union Fire Company No. 5—J. B. King. Ed Neff.

Newport—Chief, R. H. Davis; first assistant, L. R.

Phillips. Newport Hose Company No. 1—J. R. Mahan, G. A. Hillhouse.

Pine Bluffs—Chief, H King White ; first assistant, Thos. Green. Merrill Hook and [.adder Company—Wm. White, Robert Davis.

Van Buren—Chief, John Archer. Argus Hook and Ladder Company No. t—John Kirwin, L. H. Southmayd.

Rogers—Chief J. W. Frey; first assistant, J. A. C. Blackburn. Rogers Hose Company No. 1—C. M. Miller, H. S. Steele.

After some miscellaneous business relating to the tournament. and the discussion of topics, which was most interesting, the minutes of the last meeting were approved, and Secretary Kramer’s report was read.

A copy of the new law relating to the exemption of firemen who had served seven years from jury duty, was read and approved, and the matter of adopting a form of certificates to be issued to such ex-firemen referred to the executive committee.

Inspector-General Craig’s report was received and ordered printed.

A vote of thanks was tendered Representative Weaver and his confreres who worked for the House bill for the relief of firemen, also to Will Reeves of Little Rock, who worked so faithfully for the exemption bill. An invitation from the National Association of Fire Engineers to send a delegate to attend their convention at Springfield, Mass., was accepted with a vote of thanks, and J. J. Little appointed the delegate to attend the same.

At the park in the evening the trial heats in the hub-andhub race, 150 yards, were run, J. J. Little Hose Company of Fort Smith and Stonewall Hose Company of Hot Springs tying with a score of i6j£ seconds.

The parade on Wednesday morning was the finest ever seen in the city, being about one-half mile in length.

When the hub-and-hub race to run off the tie was called in the afternoon, members of both the Little ami Stonewall teams were barred out as professionals, and the latter team refused to run.

In the loo-yard hook and ladfer race but two companies entered, Merrill Hook and I.adder Company, Pine Bluff, time, 39⅛ seconds; Deiscr Hook and Ladder Company, Fort Smith, time 37 The former gets a second prize of

$25, and the Deiscrs the first prize of $50.

In the single coupling contest A. G. Ridley of Newport Hose won by a record of 20 3/4 for three runs, an average of 6 1/2 seconds, and in the double coupling contest Hosier and Brestin of J. J. Little Hose won, with an average of 5 2/3 seconds.

The first prize in 100-yard hose race was taken by Reynolds No. 3 of Fort Smith, in 36 seconds.

The J. J. Little Hose Company of Fort Smith had a walkover in the hub-and-hub tie race, the Stonewalls refusing to run.

in the evening the championship banners were presented, and there wns some enjoyable speechmaking.

To morrow the champion hook and ladder and hose races will lie run, the results of which I will send you later.

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