Army and Navy Figure in N. Y. Fire Losses

Army and Navy Figure in N. Y. Fire Losses

First the army, now the navy, figures in the mid-winter fire losses in New York City. On January 5, as recently reported in FIRE ENGINEERING, the U. S. Army, Department of the East, had a disastrous fire on Governor’s Island. On February 9, at about the same hour of the evening that marked the Governor’s Island fire, a blaze broke out in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, resulting in damage estimated at $1,500,000.

The fire swept the ordnance dock, requiring the city fire department to respond to a fourth alarm. As usual, the fire was handled unsuccessfully by the sailors and marines before the munici- pal fire department was summoned. A bonanza in sheet copper and steel in the warehouse was reduced to junk. Several antiaircraft guns were ruined or put out of commission.

Brooklyn Navy Yard Suffers $1,500,000 Fire. Fire which destroyed three wooden storehouses in the Brooklyn NavyYard and damaged large quantities of metal, finished and unfinished, caused a $1,500,000 loss to the government. The fire started in a onestory building used as a vegetable storehouse near the ordinance dock. The flames spread to a two-story building that was used as a garage, and at this stage in the fire, the city fire department was called. Previously an attempt was made to fight the fire with the private firedepartment of the navy yard. In addition to fighting the fire by land, the fire boats, The New Yorker, John Purroy Mitchell, the Abraham S. Hewitt, and some navy tugs fought the fire from the water front. Four alarms were turned in, and it was after a two hour battle that thcfire was considered under control. The above photograph shows thegeneral view of the ruins.

The fire started in a cold storage plant for vegetables used aboard the Receiving Ship Pueblo. The ship was badly scorched. If it had not been for the fireboats John Puroy Mitchell, and The New Yorker, the flames would have done considerably more damage. The only thing salvaged in the frame structure, which wasbuilt during the war, were two automobiles, which were pushed. out of the building by sailors soon after the fire started.

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