Arranging for the Chiefs’ Convention

Arranging for the Chiefs’ Convention

In this issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING appears a full account of the doings of the I. A. F. E. board of directors at their meeting held in San Francisco on May 22 to 24. Included in this account is the tentative program of the convention which, while of course subject to changes, gives a very good idea of the great treat in store for those chiefs who plan to take advantage of this unexampled opportunity to visit the city of the Golden Gate. The very encouraging report given by President Reynolds of the “intimations all along the line that this is going to be the greatest convention in the history of the International Association,” while gratifying are not at all surprising. There is every reason why this convention should be in every sense a jubilee convention, not only as regards time, but also in large attendance and in practical results beneficial to the association.

The various attractive trips that have been published in the last two issues of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING emphasize the advantages that attendance at the Jubilee convention of the I. A. F. E. possesses. Every chief of a fire department, whether of a large city or a small town, should begin now, if he has not already done so, to make plans to join the most available of these trips. The practical advantages of making the journey to San Francisco, with a party composed of several fellow chiefs, entirely outside of its special entertainment features, are undeniable.

The contact with their fellow-workers during the days of the journey is bound to result in a “swapping” of experiences that will be of advantage to all. The chiefs, when they get together with all restraint off, are bound to “talk shop,” and in this very exchange of ideas and experiences every one of them will benefit from the knowledge of the others.

This alone should appeal to the city or town authorities as a practical reason why the fire chief should lie sent to this convention. While it may take little more of his time away from his duties, this time will he spent in broadening his experiences and in increasing his fire fighting knowledge. In fact this lengthy journey to and from San Francisco will be in a way almost as advantageous to him from this standpoint, as the convention itself. Therefore send the chief!

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