Arson Discussed by Westchester Chiefs

Arson Discussed by Westchester Chiefs

Postponing its regular meeting date from January 20 to January 27, in order that its members might participate in the testimonial dinner to Chief Abbott Griffin, White Plains, honoring his twenty years of service as Chief, the Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan met in Tarrytown with an attendance of over 130, taxing the capacity of fire headquarters.

Mayor Green, of Tarrytown, an old friend of the Plan, officially welcomed the organization to Tarrytown and complimented the members on their work. He was followed by a speaker, who discussed in detail the arrest and conviction of an arson gang that had long terrorized Westchester and other counties in Connecticut by setting fires estimated to have caused over half a million dollars worth of damage. As reporters were requested not to disclose the name of this speaker, or his remarks, the writer must remain silent on this score—but it was an interesting and lively discussion.

Following this speaker Chief Jacob Levy of the Fourth Battalion, New York hire Department, was introduced and spoke unofficially and briefly on some of his experiences with incendiary fires on the lower East side of the big city.

After complimenting Chief Abbott on his 20-years service as Chief of the White Plains department, President Roi Woolley introduced Chief Riley of the Yonkers Fire Department, recently promoted to that office. He also paid a deserved compliment to Assistant Chief Edward Siller, of the same department, who is at present also Treasurer of the Plan.

Chief Richard LeVino, Chairman of the Program Committee, announced that several interesting speakers had been secured for forthcoming meetings of the Plan.

Deputy Chief Van de Water, of the Hastings-on-Hudson Fire Department, reported for the Ways and Means Committee, that an important meeting was held at which was discussed the importance of extending the work of the Plan to cope with major emergencies other than those created by conflagrations.

There was a discussion of the advisability of holding round-table talks and. upon the suggestion of Chief John Brennan, a “question box” will be installed, so that members may drop therein questions they desire answered.

A feature of the meeting was the induction of seventeen new members, many of them from Tarrytown and N. Tarrytown departments. Before the meeting adjourned, the members were advised of the testimonial dinner to be given retired Chief Arthur Chambers, of the Yonkers Fire Department, scheduled for February 4.

Upon the invitation of Chief Griffin, the Plan voted to hold its next meeting in White Plains, February 17.

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