Articles Welcome

Articles Welcome

From the Publisher’s Desk

Regularly, readers write in to us to ask how they can get an article published in FIRE ENGINEERING. We always answer: send it to the editor! If he likes it, that is if he thinks it contains information of value to our readers, he will publish it. It’s that simple.

FIRE ENGINEERING, from the beginning, has always strived to give to the reader the know-what, know-how and knowwhy of the fire fighting service. (We have built our reputation on this policy.) And whenever possible, this know-what, know-how and know-why has been prepared by someone in the fire service, or connected with it, who has had considerable experience in doing what he is talking about.

Our editors, as you probably know, have some 52 years of fire fighting experience between them. Consequently they are able to separate the experts from the sidewalk superintendents.

If you take our last issue—October—as an example, you will find the lead article, “Selecting the Location of a New Fire Station,” was written by Don Drumm, an engineer of the American Insurance Association who has spent a good many years rating the capabilities of major cities to suppress fire.

In the same issue there is an article titled, “Building a Fire Station Must Be Done by Design.” This, too, was written by an expert, a Long Island architect by the name of Tom Schaardt who has designed more than 100 fire stations in the New York metropolitan area.

You can also take this issue as an example. The pipeline disaster in Lima, Ohio, was written by Lou Rosza, chief of the Dayton, Ohio, F.D. And the warehouse fire suffered by Paterson, N.J., was sent to us by Bill Comer, who is the assistant chief of the Paterson F.D., and a longtime contributor to FIRE ENGINEERING.

We could go along like this, but we think we’ve made our point. If you want an article published in FIRE ENGINEERING send it to the editor. Just make sure it treats with the know-what, know-how and know-why of the fire service.

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