Asbury Park to Have Monster Firemen’s Parade

Asbury Park to Have Monster Firemen’s Parade

Asbury Park. N. J., is planning a monster parade of the firemen of that state to take place next fall. Arthur H. Hope, chief of the fire department of that city, is one of the most progressive young firemen in the East, and his endorsement of the movement means that it will be a success. The following announcement has been sent to all the fire departments in the State.

Brother Firemen : The members of the Asbury Park Fire Department are planning to hold a monster State Firemen’s Parade in our beautiful city by the sea during the early part of September (the ideal month at the seashore), Nineteen Hundred and Twelve, and to which an official invitation will soon be sent your company. If your organization intends participating in a parade next fall, why not put Asbury Park down on your list for a day’s outing?

Our neighboring departments—Ocean Grove. West Grove and Allenhurst—have signified their intention of lending a willing hand to this venture, and we do not hesitate to say that should you accept of our hospitality and he our guests for a day (longer if convenient) you will never regret your visit to the Queen Resort of the North Jersey Coast.

The Asbury Park Carnival Association who have managed the world renowned Baby Parade at this resort for several years past are eager that a Firemen’s Parade be held in this city, and have promised financial aid to the fire laddies for the successful outcome of the event. Not only has the Carnival Association urged the boys on, but merchants, hotel proprietors and cottage owners are with the “smoke-eaters.”

In conclusion, permit us to say that for years past one or another of the companies in the abovementioned departments have taken part in par ades, both in and out of the State.

Fraternally yours,


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