Assembly Safety Ordinance Revised

Assembly Safety Ordinance Revised

The National Board of Fire Underwriters has revised its ordinance known as “An Ordinance Providing for Safety in Places of Assembly.”

The ordinance deals with such topics as keeping aisles clear, leaving exit doors unlocked, providing proper lighting for exits, keeping adequate fire fighting equipment available, providing for periodic inspections of places of assembly by the fire department, and several other safety provisions.

The ordinance permits the use of pyroxylin-coated decorations under certain circumstances. In the past few years, extensive tests have been made by Underwriters’ Laboratories. Inc., at the request of manufacturers to determine how such decorations may be used safely in night clubs, auditoriums, restaurants, and other places of assembly.

One square foot of pyroxylin-coated fabric surface may be used to each 15 cubic feet of room volume (if the fabric contains as much as 1.4 ounces but less than 1.7 ounces of cellulose nitrate per square yard). If it contains 1.7 ounces or more of cellulose nitrate per square yard, less of the fabric may be used.

These limits on the use of these fabrics were established following tests in which guinea pigs were used. The pigs were placed in closed rooms, and then pyroxylin-coated fabrics in the room were exposed to fire.

The revised ordinance also provides a simple test for checking whether decorative material has been satisfactorily flame-proofed.

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