Assistant Chief Brenner Killed by Crash

Assistant Chief Brenner Killed by Crash

Henry Brenner, Assistant Chief, Memphis, Tenn., Fire Department, died as the result of a collision between the Chief’s car and Pumper No. 2 on February 16. The Chief’s driver later assumed the blame saying that he was driving over the wrong route to the fire. One firemen died, one was critically injured, and three others were hurt in the same crash.

Chief Brenner was removed to a hospital but he never rallied. He remained unconscious for eighteen hours. He joined the department in 1898 and was a resident of the city for forty-five years. He was Assistant Chief since his promotion from Captain in November. 1926.

He was a strong advocate of military discipline in the Fire Department and always insisted that his men and equipment be kept in perfect condition.

Chief Brenner is survived by his widow, two sons and two daughters. Among the honorary pallbearers was the entire A shift of the department.

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