W. D. NESBIT in Chicago Tribune.

Twas long ago; a man discerned

A faucet that had not been turned.

And yet it leaked—’twas then he learned

A lesson that he’d fain have spurned—

At sixty rents an hour.

He told a plumber man to come

Down to his house and tinker some;

The plumber said, in accents grum:

“By gum! Of course, I’ll come and plumb

At sixty cents an hour.”

The plumber came and looked about

And viewed the faucet with some doubt.

Then hammered on the water spout,

Sat down, and let his whiskers sprout

At sixty cents an hour.

The water dripped in little pools

And spattered into wee globules.

The plumber said: “It is the rules

That I must go and get my tools

At sixty cents an hour.”

Next day he came and looked again

And made some figures with bis pen,

And called a couple of bis men

To see how it was dripping then—

At sixty cents an hour.

The days wore on; the weeks went by;

The months and years began to fly;

But still the plumber, looking wry.

Came daily in and cocked bis eye

At sixty cents an hour.

And still the water dripped away.

And still the plumber would not stay

More than ten minutes any day—

And he was growing bent and gray

At sixty cents an hour.

At last the man. unsatisfied.

Gave up the ghost in short, be died

Of old age.then the plumber sighed

And came around and took a ride

At sixty cents an hour.

The leaky faucet’s dripping still

And adding to the plumber’s bill.

The plumber has it in his will

That all his heirs their time must kill

At sixty cents an hour.

James Donovan, of engine company No. 7, St. Louis, Mo., while trying to release the hose on the hose reel without stopping the machine, was thrown on the ground and the reel passed over his body. Two fingers of his left hand were crushed, and he received serious internal injuries.

Continental Fire company, of Houghton, Mich,, refuses to recoguise the right of the Ontonagon fire department to style itself the oldest in the peninsula. The Houghton men insist that theirs is, as the other department was reorganised after the big fire of sonic years ago.

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