Atlantic City Has Serious Fire

Atlantic City Has Serious Fire

Seven firemen were injured, a number overcome and twelve buildings damaged as the result of a fire that started in the Peoples Market in Atlantic City, N. J., recently.

The building, which was forty-five years old, was in the mercantile district. When the first company arrived, the place was a roaring furnace and Chief John J. Barnett sent in a second alarm. There were twelve hydrants available and six were used from which to draft water for the fifteen engine streams. Two American-LaFrance and four Ahrens-Fox. pumpers were used.

Fire Which Menaced Entire Block in Atlantic City

One fireman fell from the roof but escaped with minor injuries. The fire spread to nearby buildings; the damage was estimated at $200,000. Considerable difficulty was experienced because of the necessity for thawing out some of the hydrants.

Children Die in Toronto, Canada, Fire Four children died in a Toronto, Canada, fire while their parents were at a party in the neighborhood. Fire was discovered by a passerby who called a fire company that was quartered a few blocks away. When they arrived the interior was in a mass of flames. Firemen entering the upper bedroom by means of a ladder found the bodies of three children and the body of a baby in the kitchen. The adjoining house was also damaged by the flames.Newburgh, N. Y., Business Section Endangered Many firemen were injured, sixteen families were made homeless and nine buildings were destroyed in a fire that endangered the business section, of Newburgh, N. Y., recently. The fire started in the basement of a wholesale confectioner. One of the firemen was in a critical condition having froze to the wheel of the fire apparatus. The high winds spread the fire so that it was beyond the control of the local department. Assistance was rushed from Beacon, Middletown, Goshen, Highland Falls, Marlboro, Cornwall and Walden. A special ferry was run to take the apparatus from Beacon across the Hudson river. It is estimated that the fire which could be seen for miles along the Hudson river did $300,000 damage.

Lynn, Mass., to Purchase More Apparatus—Mayor Bauer of Lynn, Mass., has approved plans for the purchase of two additional pumpers.

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