FIVE MINUTES FOR SURVIVAL, Film Communicators, 11136 Weddington St., N. Hollywood, CA 91601. 20 minutes; 16 mm purchase $395, video purchase $375, rental $85.

The film shows first person responders to an emergency scene how to stabilize victims in the first critical moments after injury. Demonstrations include: maintaining open airways, applying pressure to wounds, administering CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and monitoring vital signs.

FIRST RESPONDER, multi-media training system; David Bergeron; Robert J. Brady Co. Bowie, MD 20715.

This triple plan program is a complete training system designed with auditory and visual methods of instruction.

The text: A comprehensive manual providing students with important emergency response information. The text is set up so that a list of learning objectives precede each chapter, followed by a skills list summarizing techniques discussed. 336 pages; $14.95.

The workbook: This self-instructional workbook corresponds with the text to test students at the start of each chapter of the text. 176 pages; $5.95.

The slides: Almost 600 color slides to supplement the text and reinforce crucial knowledge and skills needed for real emergency situations. The cassettes are divided up into ten 35 mm slide/cassete modules. Complete series $795, individual modules $105.

TRAINING PACKAGE, the National Audiovisual Center, Information Services HJ, Washington, DC 20409. Three National Fire Academy programs available for general distribution.

Conducting Basic Fire Prevention Inspections, designed to meet the needs of new and prospective fire inspectors, fire officers and senior firefighters with fire inspection responsibilities. The package includes 386-page instructor guide, 286-page student manual, 27 overhead transparency masters, one slide/tape audiocassette, and 316 color slides $177. Student package ten student manuals $119.

Instructional Techniques for Company Officers, introduces participants to basic instructional concepts and techniques. The package includes 262-page instructor guide, 174-page student manual, 51 overhead transparency masters, one slide/tape audiocassette, and 107 color slides $110. Student package-ten student manuals $87.

Public Fire Education Planning, introduces concepts of systematic planning and demonstrates their importance to the development and delivery of effective public fire safety education programs. Package includes 596-page instructor guide, 278-page student manual, 136-page Public Fire Education Resource Catalog, 29 overhead transparency masters, five slide/tape audiocassettes, and 318 color slides $206. Student package $119. Public Fire Education Resource Catalogs $44.

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