In Case You Missed It: August 2015 Fire Engineering Features

We recently kicked off a new “season” of Fire Engineering Training Minutes videos. This go-round features training tips from Dave McGrail, Paul DeBartolomeo, Dave Rhodes, and Steve White. Watch the latest installments below or see more at

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Responding to Overdoses

Responding to an opiate overdose has the potential to be one of the more satisfying experiences in a firefighter’s career, but it is up to us to do things right, Mike Morse writes.

Rotary Saws

Throw Back to Basics: Rotary Saw

In his new Throw Back to Basics, Brian Zaitz looks at this vital fire service tool and how best to operate it when it is needed most.

Humpday Hangout: Fire Service Cancer Epidemic

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, P.J. Norwood, Keith Tyson, and Tim Elliott discuss the fire-service cancer epidemic and the nonprofit Firefighter Cancer Support Network’s (FCSN’s) vital assistance, awareness and prevention missions.

Tom Merrill

The Professional Volunteer Fire Department, Part 21—A Typical Night in a Volunteer Firehouse

Thomas A. Merrill finds hope from a successful night of drilling at the firehouse.

Training Minutes: Single-Point Lift with Spreader

In this Training Minutes video on vehicle rescue, Paul DeBartolomeo and company demonstrate a method for using a hydraulic rescue tool to rapidly lift a vehicle off of a trapped patient.

Construction Concerns: Job Site Fuel Storage, Part II

Gregory Havel continues looking at the requirements for the storage and dispensing of flammable and combustible liquids as per NFPA standards.

Throw Back to Basics: The Three Cs of Ventilation

Ventilation is a task that must be performed on nearly every fire, and it must be coordinated, communicated, and correct–the three Cs of ventilation.

Firefighter Safety Bulletin: Hearing Protection

Firefighting is an inherently dangerous profession, but attempts to secure a modicum of safety for firefighters are always ongoing. This training bulletin from Alex Langbell deals with noise, hearing loss, and hearing protection.

Humpday Hangout: The History and Honor of our Pipes and Drums

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, join Chief Rick Lasky along with guests Terry McGrath, Bob Welch, and Mike Nugent as they share their expertise with you over the history and honor of our pipes and drum bands.

Technical Rescue: Only One Way to Do Things?

Mike Donahue urges rescuers to learn several ways to effectively perform the same skill and keep an open mind when it comes to to new ways of doing things.

Tradition in EMS is Impacting Responder Safety

How far would you go for your safety? P.J. Norwood says it’s time to consider helmets for EMS providers.

Training Minutes: High-Rise Fire Operations: Hoseline Extension

In this second Training Minutes video on high-rise operations, Dave McGrail and company discuss extending a hoseline to reach the fire apartment in the event that firefighters stretch short.

All-Hazards Mitigation: Active Shooter Incidents

Chris Lorenz examines the importance of fire and law enforcement services coming together to tackle these deadly incidents.

Tactical Safety: Nothing Showing

The size-up term “nothing showing” has been used for years in most parts of the country for first-arriving fire officers and has become part of the extinguishment culture. Ray McCormack argues the time has come to stop using it.

What Would You Do? Overturned Tanker Fire

This fire involves an overturned tanker with a 1203 placard. The fire appears to be from a leak of the front tank car near the cab area of the tractor. Check out a new training scenario from Skip Coleman.

Training Officer’s Toolbox: Fire Behavior

Understanding fire behavior/fire dynamics is a very important aspect of a firefighter’s job, and some things do not always appear as they seem.

Suicide Rates Rising Among Firefighters

Suicide rates are on the increase among firefighters. Mark Lamplugh examines some of the factors that may be involved and the efforts to curb the trend.

Throw Back to Basics: Webbing

This training bulletin from Brian Zaitz focuses on some uses for personal webbing, a tool that almost every firefighter carries in their gear.

Humpday Hangout: Working Cooperatively with the Police

Has your fire department worked with the police to establish a cooperative unified command? Has it conducted inter-departmental training on active shooter incidents?  In today’s Humpday Hangout, Clark Lampling, Steve Hamilton, and Darryl Liggins discuss the interaction with our brothers in blue.

Overcoming Stale Firefighter Syndrome

Spending some time each shift thinking of the job can only help make your company and your firehouse a more functional and efficient resource for the entire fire department, writes David DeStefano.

Training Minutes: Vehicle Stabilization and Glass Removal

In this series of Training Minutes videos, Steve White and company break down essential functions during motor vehicle accident response, rescue, and extrication. Here they review stabilizing the vehicle and removing the glass.

Construction Concerns: Job Site Fuel Storage, Part I

In the first part of his multipart Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel looks at codes and regulations regarding potentially hazardous fuels stored at job sites.

The Three A’s of Firefighter Fitness Success

If your personal goals align with their fitness goals, great. However, what is really required is the best version of you, writes Dan Kerrigan.

Throw Back to Basics: Exposures

Brian Zaitz looks at one fire service topic that is rarely considered when discussing house fires: The location of these homes and the size of the lots on which they are built, writes Brian Zaitz.

Tiller Tape, Stripes, Markers, and Other Clever Uses for Tape

Tape or stripes that indicate correct positioning can be helpful in keeping operations safe. Raul Angulo has some ideas on how firefighters can make use of tape.

Humpday Hangout: Building Continuity Through Training

In today’s Humpday Hangout, hosts Steve Pegram and Aaron Heller talk to their guests about building continuity through firefighter training.

The Firefighter and The Batboy

Billy Goldfeder on the tragedy that befell young batboy Kaiser Carlile and the firefighter disguised as an umpire who tried to help him.

Mental Health Crisis: Have You Preplanned?

As firefighters, we recognize that preplanning a building is a necessity. Now Jeff Dill proposes taking some similar steps in case of personal mental health emergency.

The Facility Four C’s

No matter how benign a facility may appear on the outside or the complacency one unconsciously acquires from nonemergent familiarity, all protected elements require careful analysis and evaluation, writes Eric G. Bachman.

Training Minutes: Car Hanging from Parking Deck

This all-new series of Training Minutes videos takes us to the Guardian Centers in Georgia for various technical rescue scenarios.

Training Officer’s Toolbox: Computer-Based Training

In this week’s fire officer training bulletin from Brian Ward, discuss with your crews the pros and cons of using technology

What Would You Do? Modern Bank Fire

This fire occurs in a modern bank in a strip mall-like structure. Both the first and second floors are occupied with banks and offices. What would you do? Check out a new simulation video from Skip Coleman.

Training Bulletin: Visibility

Next time you are looking for a challenge, close your eyes and practice tasks you might find yourself doing in every fire and see how you do. Alex Langbell on training with obscured visibility.

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