Automobile Demountable Rims.

Automobile Demountable Rims.

The latest news from the large tire companies, concerns the improved features of 1910 demountable rims. It is asserted that the coming season will witness the keenest kind of competition for this class of motor car footwear. Already several companies have announced radically new features and lower prices.

No less an authority than H. S. Firestone asserts that fully one-third of next year’s touring cars will carry demountable rims, on account of the time and labor-saving features which they offer in tire-changing on the road.

“The growth in popularity of these rims of late has been little short of phenomenal,” says Mr. Firestone. “Three years ago they were known only to a few racing men, today thousands of private car owners have them.

“The improved features that appear in the latest rims, permit their use with any standard type or make of tire, whicji means that no matter what may be the favorite tire chosen by the motorist, he can now enjoy the freedom from annoyance and delay which demountable rims offer.”

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