Automobiles Destroyed in Boston Fire

Automobiles Destroyed in Boston Fire

More than twenty automobiles in storage were destroyed in a two alarm fire that burned the rear portion of the old frame trolley car barn off Washington Street, in the Roslindale section of Boston, Mass. The building was formerly used by the Boston elevated system as a car barn, but has been used for several years as an auto storehouse by the firm of Burnett and Sherman, auto dealers of Boston.

The fire was discovered about 4 P. M.. by a trolley sw itchman who saw smoke and flames pouring from the boarded up windows in the rear of the structure, lie sounded an alarm and with another elevated employe tried to get a stream on the lire from a private hose line.

Boston Fire Which Destroyed Twenty Automobiles

Upon the arrival of the Boston lire department apparatus a second alarm was given to summon additional equipment. The firemen had to chop away the boards which had been nailed across the windows, but in spite of the large headway the flames had obtained, checked the blaze before it had spread beyond the rear half of the building. Deputy Chief Walter M. McLean was in charge at the lire and estimated the damage at $20,000.

New Lowville, N. Y., Chief—Thomas Lyng has been appointed chief of the fire department at Lowville, N. Y., succeeding Louis Bush.

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