Auxiliaries Gum Up the Works

Auxiliaries Gum Up the Works

At a large lumber yard fire in the upper part of New York City recently, auxiliary firemen and air raid wardens, who responded in numbers, caused considerable confusion when they took a hand in stretching lines, and otherwise “aiding” the Fire Department. It was ultimately necessary for the Police Department to remove the auxiliaries and the wardens beyond the zone of fire fighting operations.

In an address over the radio subsequently, Mayor LaGuardia of New York gave the following orders:

“Air raid wardens are NOT to go to fires.

“Auxiliary firemen are NOT to go to fires, if we are not under attack. Go to your firehouse. Auxiliary firemen constitute a great reserve force!”

Balloon Bursts Into Flame at Demonstration Spectators fled from the scene, as a balloon, intended for an exhibition ascension at Bedford, Ind., suddenly burst into flames while being inflated. Several thousand persons were nearby at the time to see a scheduled parachute jump from a balloon.

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