Bache New Chief of Louisville, Ky.

Bache New Chief of Louisville, Ky.

The new chief of the Louisville, Ky., fire department, succeeding the late Chief Arnold Neuensch wander, who passed away on February 21 last, is Former Assistant Chief Alexander Bache. At the same time that this promotion was made the board of safety of the city announced three other promotions, those of Captain Joseph A. Adams, battalion chief of the Third District, as assistant chief, Captain George Albert, No. 4 Hook and Ladder Company as battalion chief and Captain Edward H. Stilz, Captain No. 2 Hook and Ladder Company, also as battalion chief. It is said that substantial increases in salary to those promoted will be the result of these changes. The chief of the department receives an annual salary of $4,000.

Chief Alexander Bache, Louisville, Ky.

Chief Bache joined the department as a substitute ladder man at the age of seventeen, being assigned to old No. 1 hook and ladder house. This makes him the second oldest man in point of service in the department. After working for a year as a substitute, Chief Bache became a member of the First Salvage Corps Company, organized in 1888. The following year he was appointed as pipeman with No. 2 Engine Company, and later on served in the same capacity at No. 4 Engine House, of which unit he later became captain. After that he acted as captain of No. 12 Engine Company and also of No. 19 Engine Company. Chief Bache left the department in 1910, returning in 1917.

He has served under thirteen mayors. This is due to the fact that in the early history of Louisville, elections for mayor were held every two years instead of every four, as at present. He is a great grandson of Benjamin Franklin, and at one time possessed! a number of books and manuscripts said to have been written by the great statesman. When the late Chief Neuenschwander was stricken with his last illness, Chief Bache became the acting head of the department and served as such until his permanent appointment. The chief has the endorsement of ex-Chief Fillmore Tyson, now at the head of the Lansing fire protection system of the Olds Motor Works.

Assistant Chief Joseph A. Adams

Chief at Hastings, Ont., Answers Call Alone—While the council of Hastings, Ontario, was in session reorganizing the fire department of the village recently, a fire broke out. The newly appointed chief was the only member to attend the alarm, inasmuch as no one of the old brigade responded, and he extinguished the outbreak with chemicals.

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