Baltimore Has 14-Alarm Fire

Baltimore Has 14-Alarm Fire

A fourteen-alarm fire, and a two-alarm fire, kept Baltimore, Md., firemen on the jump the night of February 16. The fourteen-alarm blaze razed four buildings of the Maryland Sanitary Manufacturing Co., with a loss reported to be around $200,000.

The blaze spread with almost explosive force and quickly involved the plant. All hose lines used at the fire had to be dragged by hand for a city block or more. The scarcity of hydrants in the plant area restricted the number of lines available, and many of the pumpers were unable to work, or even lead off their hose. A strong breeze blew the embers of the fire into a nearby field, directly away from the rest of the plant.

The first alarm was pulled at 7:27 pm. and the fourteenth alarm was sounded at 8:55 pm. This may be the last large fire on the city outskirts for which so many alarms are sounded.

Under new orders, the commanding officer can stop at any alarm and then start pulling special calls for the exact type of apparatus that he desires at the fire. If he wants pumpers only, he will send in a “2-10” signal, for the exact | number of pumpers he wants.

When the sixth alarm had sounded for the Maryland Sanitary fire, the offshift was recalled to duty. In a short time 370 firemen responded to their stations and placed the Second Line apparatus in service. Twenty-four of these reserve engines and trucks were manned and located in various stations. Several of the reserves responded to a secondalarm dwelling fire while the fourteenalarm fire was still burning. All men who responded to the call to duty were rewarded with an extra day off.

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