Baltimore Has Two 6-Alarms

Baltimore Has Two 6-Alarms

Ten firemen were injured when flames destroyed two century-old wharves, an excursion steamer, and a harbor barge in Baltimore, Md., on May 15. Fire was first seen on the steamer Tolchester, tied up at Pier 16, Light Street. The alarm office received a phone call and a box alarm at 12:27 a.m., and eight companies were dispatched to the location.

Within a matter of minutes, the vessel was ablaze from stem to stern and the flames had leaped to the two piers. Two fireboats towed the blazing vessels away from the wharves and went to work on the boats. Piers 16 and 17 were destroyed, while the upper floors of Piers 18 and 19 were damaged. Damage to Piers 18 and 19 amounted to about $35,000. It was announced that it would cost about $400,000 to replace the Tolehester with a steamer of like size.

Fire Sweeps Two Piers at Baltimore, Md.

Thirty engine companies, five trucks, one hose, one chemical, one tower, and two boats responded to this fire. The department’s new signal was used after the sixth alarm to summon pumpers only. The signal 2-10-6, followed by the box number, brought the six nearest engine companies to the box. It is thought that the fire may have been caused by the use of acetylene torches earlier in the night.

On May 22, a six-alarm fire swept through the factory of the Cleaners Hanger Co., manufacturers of coat hangers, in the 3500 block Boston Street. The blaze menaced the storage tanks and a grease plant of the Standard Oil Co., less than one hundred yards away. A six-story broom factory was also menaced.

Exploding drums of naphtha spread fire throughout the building and took part of the roof off. The fire started when a spark from a welding torch leaped about twelve feet and fell into an open tank containing 700 gallons of paint. Nineteen engines, four trucks, and a chemical unit responded to the six alarms.

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