Baltimore Sponsors Junior Teams

Baltimore Sponsors Junior Teams

Junior baseball teams are being sponsored by the Baltimore Fire Department. Teams composed of boys under thirteen play with regulation equipment on regular size diamonds.

New boys will be chosen each season, to keep the ages of the players under thirteen. Several hundred boys formed the first teams chosen a few months ago. the least able were weeded out and teams were chosen for four battalion districts. They play each other the entire season, until the two champion teams are picked. These two teams then play and the winners are feted by the firemen.

Uniforms worn by the boys have fire company numbers on the shirts to indicate the teams. Players are not allowed in fire stations, except to gather for the games.

Many Chiefs are opposed to junior departments, because they find it impossible to keep the boys out of the fire stations. The ball teams allow the boys to become acquainted with the firemen, and at the same time keep them out of the stations and in good surroundings.

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