Bay City Firemen Given Portable Canteen

Bay City Firemen Given Portable Canteen

Bay City, Mich., firemen received a portable canteen, the gift of “Box 65 Club,” a fire fan association.

The canteen has been in building for several months, under the supervision of the club and with the assistance of the fire department’s artisans.

The Box 65 Club was organized in 1941 with seventeen charter members, an honorary member and a life member. During that time few of its members have missed a fire of any note, When there were real tragedies clubmembers were on hand to offer whatever assistance they could, and usually conducted canteen service from the back seat of their automobiles.

The clumsiness of the method inspired the canteen.

To get the idea on wheels E. C. Watson, district manager of the American-LaFrance Company, donated the chassis of an old ladder truck. The club, solicitous merchants and a little elbow action by the firemen put a body on the truck.

The unit has a fully-equipped kitchen with dishes, coffee urn, sink, etc., a compartment with benches, first-aid equipment and dry gloves for the firemen.

Upon its completion and formal dedication the canteen was made available to the Bay County Chapter of the American Red Cross and whose motor corps will provide personnel to assist in operating the unit.

Bay City's Fire Department Is One of the Few in the Nation with a Portable Canteen. The unit was made available to the department by Box 65 Club, an association of fire fans. In the driver’s seat is Fireman Freeman Plessner.

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