Bayonne’s Water Problem.

Bayonne’s Water Problem.

The water question was revived at a recent meeting of the Bayoone council by Councilman McCormack, who inquired what had been done by the committee to which was referred some months ago the question of providing the city with an additional water supply to guard against a possible famine bv a breaking of the present main.

Councilman Dowling, chairman of the committee. replied that the committee had given the subject careful consideration, had held several conferences with the officials of the New York and New Jersey Water company, which supplies the water and was endeavoring to secure better terms. He said that he did not believe the city could make better terms and that the committee had its report ready.

“We would have to wait eleven years before getting a reduction and I do not feel like extending the present contract fourteen years after that, unless we get big inducements,” said Councilman Phillips.

“I believe the city would be better off if it had a reservoir with a capacity of 25,000,000 gal. than with an additional pipe line,” said Councilman Collier.

The committee’s report was read and then tabled. It stated that the water company is willing to construct a duplicate pipe line if the city will extend its contract and that the fire rates would then be decreased. The report stated that the reservoir plan is not considered feasible. Attached to the report was a resolution that the city needs additional pipe line to be used in case of emergency, and that it should not be less than 30 in. in diameter and providing that the city enter into a new contract for twenty-five years. Mr. Collier said he considered the present supply adequate and will be for years, as the courts have decided that Jersey City must go to the aid of Bayonne in case of emergency and supply it with water. He said he was disappointed to learn that the reservoir plan is not feasible.

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